If you haven’t previously merged this card and it still is not being recognised, ensure you are on the correct site. You can choose between USD, GBP, SEK, and CAD. AUD cannot be merged due to Australian laws, but you can still check the balance here.

You will not receive a new Gift Card when merging the cards. During the merge process, you will have selected to ‘Keep’ one of your original cards. If unsure, check the balance of your old cards, one of them will contain the full merged balance.

If your booking is fully refundable, you will receive a new gift card to the email address used to book your hotel room. Your old gift card will not be replenished. The eGift will come from our partner Cashstar, and often lands in junk and spam. Please check here before contacting the Hotels.com Gift Card team.

This is possible, however, it is not recommended. You can do so by switching the site to the option that aligns with your currency, this can however limit the number of options available to you when not booking in your own currency.

If you have a question about purchasing, sending or receiving a Hotels.com gift card, please click here.

If you would liek to report a lost or stolen Hotels.com gift card, please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.